Demarc Extensions

The demarc point is the backbone of your building’s communications infrastructure, so it is important to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to secure and maintain it. When tenants require new services, or upgrades to existing ones, Unlimited Telecom technicians will install or activate wiring that runs from the demarc to the tenant’s network room. From there, the service is extended to the end user equipment. Test and Turn Up - Analog lines - POTS - T1 - PRI - EOC - DSL to name a few.

Regardless if your business is moving to a new office space or adding users to adjacent floors or buildings, we tailor the type of connection media (Copper or Fiber cabling), pathways, and distance requirements for each client project. Unlimited Telecom provides demarc extensions and troubleshooting circuits from the MPOE to the client’s server room, or a full-service network integration.